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What does ‘Super 8’ have in common with ‘Tree of Life?’

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Totally real conversation I had in the movie theatre bathroom after seeing “Super 8”





Spoilers abound.  If you haven’t seen “Super 8” by now, you probably don’t care.






My friend: “The monster ate all those people!”

Me:  “The monster was just misunderstood and scared and angry.  He didn’t eat anyone.”

My friend: “Tell that to the sheriff.”

Me: “He didn’t eat the sheriff!  He picked up the sheriff and tossed him aside.  The monster just wanted to go home; he didn’t eat anyone.  Okay, he did smash that one air force guy’s head into smushy bits against the window, but he totally deserved it.”

Total stranger: “Oh, what movie did you see?”

Me: “Tree of Life.”

Total stranger: “Me too!  Boy, that was a hard movie to understand wasn’t it?  There was so much to think about.”


Now, I haven’t actually seen “Tree of Life,” but… did I totally get the wrong impression about what that movie was about?  Because the previews didn’t look like there were any sheriff-eating, air-force-guy-smooshing monsters in that movie.


Written by Contented Reader

July 18, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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