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Book review: The Door to Lost Pages

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The Door to Lost Pages 

Claude Lalumiere

Chizine 2011

If you want to win my heart with your book, just add books to your book.  A wonderful library, a character who reads…  you will immediately have my attention.  This book is focused on Lost Pages, a mysterious bookstore where you can find books that don’t exist anywhere else in this dimension.  I get the impression they have… other suppliers.

I hesitate to call The Door to Lost Pages a novel.  It’s more a connected series of stories, about how Lucas and Aydee came to be running this mysterious and magical bookstore, and about the dark forces arrayed against them.  There’s a decidedly Lovecraftian tone to the dark gods and monsters that populate the world of this book, and some interesting games with point of view.

I bought this book mainly because the cover caught my eye… isn’t it pretty?  Chizine Publications is a small press, and I’m impressed with how appealing their books look.  That cover artist is Erik Mohr, whose good work on Chizine’s books stopped me in my tracks when I got to the Chizine table at Readercon.


Written by Contented Reader

July 30, 2011 at 11:55 am

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