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Book review: Objects of Worship

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Objects of Worship

Claude Lalumiere

Chizine 2009

I brought two books by Lalumiere home from Readercon this year- this one, and The Door to Lost Pages.  I liked Objects of Worship much better, but I also wish I had read it first.  Now I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to read Lalumiere, of the kind of mental world he is inhabiting, and it makes me want to go back to The Door to Lost Pages and re-read it, because I think I’ll enjoy it much more now that I’ve read this collection of short stories.  The other book is back on the library shelf, and I will reread it, when I get around to it.

The stories in Objects of Worship are pretty varied, but they share a strange common aesthetic- a dreamy quality that can drift from creepy to disgusting while somehow still remaining dreamy.  Like watching a slasher movie while half-asleep and feeling thoughtful.  There’s a story here from the world of the strange Green Blue and Brown God who was important in The Door to Lost Pages, and two stories set in a world where zombies are the dominant species- I liked the bizarreness of zombies squabbling over their marriages, having backyard barbecues, debating the ethics of where brains come from.

I think my favorite story in the collection was “The Object of Worship.”  Either Lalumiere or the editor must agree with me, since it’s the title story and comes first in the collection.  It’s about a couple who disagree about how- or whether- the very real, very mean little gods who inhabit their world should be worshipped.  This is the story I’m sure I’ll be coming back to re-read.


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August 2, 2011 at 7:08 am

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