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1.  The Eyre Affair

2.  Lost in a Good Book

3.  The Well of Lost Plots

4.  Something Rotten

5.  First Among Sequels

6.  One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

Jasper Fforde



I have been having a lot of fun rereading the ‘Thursday Next” series over the last few weeks.  I vividly remember when I read the first one.  It was moving day.  I had finally escaped from a job that was making me miserable in a town where I hated to live, and been hired for a teaching job in Cincinnati, so I was in a pretty odd mood.  Cautiously hopeful, because of course this new job might also be horrible, and I might also hate my new city, but maybe I would love them both (spoiler: I do), and at least I wasn’t where I had been.

I had left ahead of the moving truck, to sort out some paperwork and make sure my new apartment was actually ready to be inhabited, so I arrived in my new city with a few hours to kill, and hungry.  I didn’t know the neighborhood, so I just set out on a street that looked large enough to sustain some businesses.  I was looking for something to read and something to eat.  I found a Target, which, I decided, was close enough, and there I had a slice of pizza and the first ‘Thursday Next’ book.

Sitting on the balcony of my empty apartment, waiting for my new life to start, I fell in love with Thursday, an agent of Jurisfiction, the organization which polices the world of books, and with her complex quest to save the kidnapped Edward Rochester,  and return him to Jane Eyre.  That is, return him to the book, which of course would be radically different without him.

All the books are like that: Thursday moves between the real world and the book world, tracking down escaped characters, correcting plots that have gone awry, and saving the world.

The author assumes a fairly well-read audience, and never slows down to explain, for example, who Miss Havisham is and why one might be cautious about being assigned to have her as a mentor, or the reasons that Lady Catherine de Bourgh would not want her daughter to visit Fanny Hill.  Somehow he manages to make the New York Times bestseller list from time to time, so there must be plenty us us out here reading.

I stopped reading these books for a while because I mistook one of the new ‘Nursery Crimes’ spin-off books for part of the series- I didn’t care for those books much at all.  I think it isn’t because they are worse books, but just because I really like Thursday Next as a character, and couldn’t do much with the books that didn’t have her as a main character.  Blame the reader, not the author.

I haven’t read the latest book yet- it wasn’t available in paperback yet when I checked, and of course my books all have to match on the shelf.  I know  you understand that.  It’s bad enough that I have mismatched Terry Pratchett books.  So I still have one more Thursday Next book to look forward to.


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August 20, 2011 at 9:33 am

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