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This is my latest cross stitch piece, and I’m very happy with it.  The quote is from John Crowley’s Little, Big.  The image is repurposed from a larger piece I found at the Antique Pattern Library– I’m thinking of creating a companion piece just so I can use the rest of the little gardeners.

The fabric is olive green because I was yard-saling with my female relatives this summer (a family tradition), and found a yard sale where someone was selling off a truly astonishing amount of cross stitch fabrics for 25 cents a package.  Most of it is in odd colors and odd stitch counts, but I don’t see any reason that should be a problem.  It’s possible I won’t have to buy fabric again for a decade.  Seriously, there was that much.  Which means that my readers should probably accustom themselves to odd fabric colors and stitch counts.  But my point is, although I stitched on olive green, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do it on a nice white or cream.  I did choose the colors to go with the green, though, and you might find some of the yellows need to be changed to some other color to look good on a lighter fabric.

This is stitched over two threads on 28-count fabric, and is 7 inches wide by 3 inches high in that size (note that it’ll come out the same size if you just stitch on 14-count fabric over one thread.  That’s what you call mathematics.)

I include the chart here, if you’d like to create your own.  As always, if you do something interesting with the pattern, I’d love to see it.  If you click on the chart, it should expand into a nice jpeg for you to print or copy to elsewhere- there are three pages, two of pattern and one with the DMC colors.


Written by Contented Reader

September 5, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Posted in Needlework


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