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Thank you, Michael S. Hart

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Project Gutenberg has announced the death of its founder, Michael S. Hart.

The Internet is a place for dumb jokes, pornography, pictures of kittens, a place where prepubescent boys terrorize others and where old people spew hate.  It is, in many ways, in some places, a terrible place.

And then there’s Project Gutenberg.  Where everyone, everywhere, can access a collection of the world’s great literature that is larger than any library or bookstore I saw before I went to college.  Where rare, out-of-print books that have been forgotten for decades or centuries get a second chance to be read by people who would have no chance of finding a print copy.  All for free, with no advertising.

Other gatherings of e-books have been created.  Project Gutenberg was the first, and remains the best.

There are two appropriate ways for us to say goodbye to Michael Hart.  One is to make a generous donation to Project Gutenberg.  The other is to visit their enormous collection of books, download a good one, and read it.  I recommend this collection of the works of Epictetus.  I first read Epictetus in a Project Gutenberg edition, and reading his work changed my life for the better.


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September 7, 2011 at 7:15 pm

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