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Cory Doctorow

Tachyon Publications



Cory Doctorow cares about things.  And the things Cory Doctorow cares about, he cares about intensely.  So if you care about the things Cory Doctorow cares about- reinventing copyright law to keep up with 21st century technological innovation, how young users revolutionize the world with technology, how government gets in the way of innovation- then I’m guessing that all I need to do is say, “Hey, Cory has a collection of essays and articles out,” and you’ll be off to pick up your copy.

I was interested, though I confess there were sections I read with deep interest and sections I kind of scanned past.  These seem to be pieces that were published elsewhere, in assorted newspapers and magazines, and one result of that is that, reading them all together, a few of them are a little repetitive.

Doctorow believes strongly in Creative Commons as an alternative to traditional copyright, and so, as usual, he has released a free ebook version of Context on his web site.  His logic is that many people who download the book and like it will go on to buy a print copy for themselves or for others- and the people who don’t want a print copy but do want to pay for the book can buy a copy to donate to a school or library, thus spreading his fame a little farther.  That’s something I really respect, and not just because I like free books.


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October 6, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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