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The Way to Peace

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The Way to Peace

Margaret Deland

Project Gutenberg

Thalia is young, flighty, impressionable. Her husband, Lewis, is older, more practical, but loves her quietly and deeply. After a visit to a dying Shaker community, Thalia becomes infatuated with their placid way of life. She is drawn to join them… even though Shakers do not believe in marriage. Lewis acts in accordance with his duty.

At thirty-five pages long, this is barely a novella, but the sweet poignancy of fragile, strong love doesn’t need another word.

I had thought they were extinct, but today I learned that there is one Shaker community remaining,which has three members.  They are open to being joined by adult converts.

The last three Shakers


Written by Contented Reader

October 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm


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