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2012 Hugo nominees: best novelette

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“The Copenhagen Interpretation,” by Paul Cornell

Thrills!  Violence!  Some really good sentences, the kind that make you stop reading and say, ‘Damn, that’s a good sentence.  I think I’ll read it again!’

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the other pieces of the series, and I felt like I wasn’t sure where I was in this world.

Also, while there’s a place for religion and spirituality in science fiction, it didn’t work for me here.   In fact, it irritated me.

“Fields of Gold,” by Rachel Swirsky

Dennis is dead.

Did he die of complications of diabetes?  Or did his wife murder him?

And what will she have to say about the question?

There’s a lot of fun in the descriptions of the afterlife here.

“Ray of Light,” by Brad R. Torgersen

It’s a generation after the end of the world, and humanity lives deep under the surface of the ocean.  The surface is too dangerous; no human will ever see the sun again.  When a teenager decides to find out whether that’s true, her father has to rescue her from herself.

Ever since I found out how much money Orson Scott Card donates to the fight to keep me from ever marrying my girlfriend, I’ve been pretty annoyed at Mormon SF writers in general.  So I am not exactly a fair judge of this story.

“Six Months, Three Days,” by Charlie Jane Anders

She can see all the threads of the possible futures, the many ways any moment might lead on to many others.  He can see the future: what will happen.  So they both know that their relationship is going to end, soon and badly.  And they do it anyway.  I think that’s a concept that many non-psychics will be able to relate to.

“What We Found,” by Geoff Ryman

A scientist makes a discovery: stress on a parent is passed down in the form of physical harm to the descendants.  An important discovery, it would seem.  But it pales in comparison to the discover about the nature of the universe he is about to make.

I had never heard of Ryman until he was the guest of honor for last year’s Readercon.  A year later, I own most of his books and seeing his name immediately makes me excited to read whatever it’s attached to.


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