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The Woman Who Died a Lot

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The Woman Who Died a Lot

Jasper Fforde


The latest Thursday Next book is good.  It’s more entertaining than the previous one, I think- unless I just lost track of the plot.  These books are a little complicated to follow.  Not hard, just twisty.  This one was truly funny- at one point I actually did laugh out loud, which I don’t often do with books.

There’s one little point that is driving me crazy, and that’s the Bastions of the Global Standard Deity.  The Global Standard Deity is a sort of universalist church, taking in all the other religions.  Members of the church have ten Bastions.  They are a list of practices, of which members are encouraged to do at least four every day.  I want the list of the ten Bastions badly.  But I only have two in this book.  I’m going to create a list here, and as I read future books, try to remember to come back here and fill in others as Fforde deigns to share them.

Help me out in the comments if you find them in the older books.



3.  Pause and consider.




7.  Moment of Levity.





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November 6, 2012 at 6:16 am

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