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Abandoned house, Warsaw Avenue, Cincinnati

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Are you looking for a beautiful new home?

Price Hill is one of Cincinnati, Ohio’s historic hillside neighborhoods.  It has beautiful parks and some of the most expansive greenspace in Cincinnati, and is conveniently located just a short drive (or a longer walk) from downtown.  Not far from the trendy and stylish Incline District you’ll find this large and beautiful home.  Not so many years ago, it was someone’s dream home, or possibly their career-making investment.  Now, it’s waiting for the right person to come and fill it with life again.

At the foot of the hillside, a security gate protects the driveway from unwelcome guests.

The house is conveniently located off Warsaw Avenue, but a long, curving driveway takes you away from the busy street and through your own private wooded lot.

Separated by green space from the noise of the city, you’ll feel like you are living in an isolated hideaway in the woods, rather than just two miles from downtown Cincinnati.

The house’s most attractive feature is its large front windows and spacious deck and balcony, from which you can enjoy the beauty of your own property and a breathtaking view of downtown.

The house consists of two spacious stories and a basement. There is plenty of parking space, making entertaining easy.

Ivy twines up the trellised front deck, where the front yard invites you to plant your own flower garden.

All of the outside landscaping is based on indigenous Cincinnati plant life, blending perfectly with the surrounding area.

In addition to the beautiful front lot, the house is surrounded by native Ohio trees and shrubs at the side and rear. The hillside next to the house would make a beautiful spot for a water feature, where you could sit by a tasteful artificial waterfall and enjoy a serious book on a sunny afternoon.

Your large front porch has an eastern exposure with large windows and doors, inviting you to enjoy a beautiful Cincinnati sunrise over breakfast on a spring morning.

From the front porch, you’ll enjoy one of Cincinnati’s most breathtaking views. A large home with a beautiful view like this one would ordinarily cost a fortune beyond the means of an ordinary person, but this house might possibly be available for a bargain price.

In the stairwell leading to the second floor, art by one of Cincinnati’s cutting-edge young artists is already installed for you to enjoy.

As seen from the master bedroom, the striking face at the top of the stairs is revealed as a portrait of the artist.

At the entrance to the smallest bedroom, whimsical word art proclaims local pride with a rousing orange ‘Who Dey’ in honor of the Cincinnati Bengals. This work of art will delight the child who will make this room his (or her) own.

Descending the stairs, you will enjoy the bold colors of another work of contemporary art. The artwork alone in this home is priceless and entirely unique, and is one of the qualities you’ll be proudest to share with your friends and colleagues.

The guest room comes with this striking work of abstract urban art already installed, and blinds to welcome the cheerful eastern sunlight.

This unexpectedly charming work highlights the corner of the master bedroom and points the way to the smallest bedroom.

Here you see the highlight of the art collection which is included as part of this stunning home. The large pink rabbit dominates the wall of the master bedroom, and will either serve as a perfect headboard, or delight you every morning when you wake, depending on how you choose to orient your bed to best enjoy it.

The master bedroom includes large glass doors leading to a beautiful and welcoming balcony.

A million-dollar view from the upper balcony, yours for considerably less than a million dollars.

Three beautiful skylights illuminate this little sanctuary, where marble steps lead up to a deep, enormous bath.

If you prefer, you can bathe in the master bedroom itself, enjoying the air of the balcony.

This house beautifully blends the natural and the modern, and, for the right person, could be the home of your dreams.

Technically, there are no ‘for sale’ signs, no real estate listings, not even any contact information. But, as they say, for a sufficiently highly motivated buyer, everything is for sale.


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November 24, 2012 at 11:46 am

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