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Jack London

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I read The Call of the Wild as a kid, in one of those young readers’ retellings, and I vaguely remember liking it but not loving it.  And my students read “The King of Mazy May” when I get that far in their reading book, which isn’t every year.  But I never thought that much about Jack London until this month.

I’ve been reading this collection slowly, and I was astonished to discover that London’s writing style is exactly to my taste, and very very good.  It’s very crisp and precise and focused, and he seems at all times in complete control of every word.  Jack London is a wonderful writer.  Did everyone know that but me?  Why didn’t you all mention it?  Is there any other important information you’re keeping from me?

Now I’m haunted by the short story “The Apostate,” which I’m certain was about the abuses of child labor, but which I responded to as a cry against work in general.  I, too, sometimes feel so dulled by work that I’ve forgotten how to enjoy the pleasures of my nonwork hours.

And even The Call of the Wild, which I thought of as a kids’ book, is stuck in my head now.


Written by Contented Reader

November 26, 2012 at 11:49 am

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